Landing Pages & The Art Of Simplicity

As opposed to typical website pages, Landing Pages are uniquely capable of achieving the goal of transforming your readers into buyers. Instead of purely providing information, they should be written and designed with the goal of recognising a problem, providing a solution, and capturing a sale.

Simply put, landing pages represent one of the best ways of selling your product or service using the internet.

Layout And Formatting

The difference in the format of these pages plays a significant role. For example, when it comes to creating a headline and sub-headline for a landing page – the first words your reader will come across when the page is loaded – always try to ensure that the message is so easy to understand that the person reading it doesn’t even have to think. 

They should instantly come to the conclusion that what they have found presents a solution to their problem. Therefore, headlines should rarely be compiled of more than six words, ensuring your message will be conveyed within seconds.

Making It Easy

Consider you are speaking to a student in the fourth grade. When writing direct, concise content for a landing page, this is the benchmark to use.

For instance, if the message that is being conveyed isn’t easily understandable to a child in the fourth grade, then it’s probably too complicated. If your time-poor, easily-distracted and over-burdened reader can’t easily understand what the page is about – all within a few seconds – then it’s probably too complicated.

Yes, this may all sound overly simplistic, but by making the process of understanding your products and services as easy as possible for your customers, the chance of an enquiry increases markedly.

Asking Them To Buy!

Beyond the initial headlines, perhaps the most integral aspect of an adequately sales-optimised landing page is your ‘call-to-action.’

As an example, your call-to-action should take the form of a button or link to be clicked on, calling the reader to enquire (if you are a service business) or purchase (if you are an online store). 

As a result, the presence of the call-to-action helps to separate a landing page from a standard web page because it acts as an invitation to the reader, asking them to purchase, enquire, book or otherwise become a customer.

If this invitation is absent, there is far less inclination for your reader to take any further action.

As is well known, the average visitor to your website is both short on time and easily distracted. Therefore, providing them with what they are looking for as quickly as possible is absolutely paramount. A quality landing page achieves this, making it easy for the reader to understand exactly what they’re looking at, as well as how to act when they’ve found what they are looking for.

Check Your Site

Take a look at your own website and landing pages now. Are you asking people to purchase and providing them the means to easily do so? And most importantly: can the person reading your website really understand what it is you are telling them in just a matter of seconds?

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