Designing Landing Pages For Mobile Viewers

landing pages for mobile

Designing Landing Pages For Mobile Viewers

Mobile phones are ubiquitous. They’re everywhere, and they’re not going anywhere. When it comes to browsing the web, a significant majority of people are now doing so on their mobile phones as opposed to desktop or laptop computers. It’s because of this rising trend that many are now thinking hard about designing landing pages for mobile experiences specifically.

Many of our clients’ Google Ad campaigns attract 70% or 80% of their clicks from people who are on mobile phones. These people are looking for local services, such as dentists, home builders, lawyers and pest control services; most are not performing these types of searches from their laptop or desktop computer anymore, but from their mobile phone. 

Phones Are Everywhere!

Mobile phones are always on hand, with a simple Google search being made in a matter of seconds. Searches on mobile phones occur absolutely anywhere: at work, in bed or even sitting on the toilet – an occurrence that’s more common than many of us would care to admit.

Most importantly, this has changed the way websites and landing pages are being designed, with special focus being placed on mobile device users and providing them with an experience that’s going to communicate exactly what you do for them in a matter of seconds. 

So, to explain the role of a landing page, this is simply the page that someone will arrive at after they’ve clicked on anything – from a Facebook ad, to an ad in Google, a link in your email signature, or even an organic search result. Generally speaking, these pages are designed to be relevant to what that person who has landed on the page is specifically looking for at that moment in time.

Depending on what your business offers and who you are targeting, this may involve a single page or many, across a single campaign or multiple. 

Why Design Landing Pages For Mobile?

At this stage you may be asking, ‘why should I have to spend all this time and effort designing landing pages for mobile users when people could simply spend a few more minutes searching my website and finding the information they need?’ Because readers to your website are distracted, they’re time-poor and they want what they’re searching for now – not in a few minutes, not later that day – right then and there.

Think of your desire to close a sale or generate an enquiry as a competition for the reader’s attention. In this situation, you are competing with Facebook and Instagram notifications, a tense scene in the movie that’s on in the background, the dinner that’s about to burn or the child that’s just woken up crying. 

Distractions are everywhere, all vying for the attention of your potential customer. As a result, this leaves you with a very small window of time in which to make the reader understand what’s on the little screen in front of them, and an even smaller one to get them to buy or enquire. 

Above all, keep all of this in mind when designing landing pages for mobile viewers of your website.

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