The Importance Of Easy To Understand Headlines

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The Importance Of Easy To Understand Headlines

The process a reader must go through to try and understand what it is you are trying to sell on your website can sometimes be over complicated. Make this process as easy as possible and people will enquire – it’s as simple as that. 

The reality is that every extra barrier placed between the prospective customer and their ability to enquire represents a decreased chance of them becoming a customer. These barriers include difficult communication that they struggle to understand quickly, and irrelevant or inappropriately used images.

Headline Simplification

Because people searching on Google are usually searching for something quite specific, sending them to a generic home page makes their job more difficult and time-consuming. This is because it forces them to navigate and look through your website for the specific product or service they’re after. 

This can become another barrier in the way of securing an enquiry or purchase. Had they instead landed on a specific landing page that was relevant to their needs, this issue would have been avoided.

A Real Example

To use an example, we’ve recently worked with a company who offers tree removal services. Initially this company was sending all of its website traffic to its home page (a generalised page not designed for any specific purpose). 

Check out the comparison images below. The first image shows their home page, where people searching Google for “tree removals on the Gold Coast” were being sent to.

The second image shows the Landing Page we helped them write, with a much clearer headline (particularly when viewed on a mobile phone) that can be understood very quickly.


Home page displaying a lack of clear communication and relevance, and sluggish loading speed affecting visitor loss.


Landing Page displaying clear, concise and easy to understand headline, with significantly improved loading speed and less visitor loss.


As soon as the Landing Page loads, you see “Tree Removal Gold Coast” as pride of place. This means that straight away, the reader knows they’ve found what they were looking for. 

There’s no need to make the process more difficult for the reader by placing irrelevant content at the top of the page, such as a massive logo, or an image with no clear text. Your logo isn’t likely to solve the reader’s problem or sell them anything and neither will a plain image, however a relevant headline that’s clear and easy for them to understand probably will. 

A clear and easy to read headline may be the difference between someone staying on your page and making an enquiry, or hitting the back button and continuing their search.

Loading Speed

The loading speed of your website – or lack thereof – is another prime detractor to a quality landing page.

Recent research by Google shows that a page that takes any more than four to five seconds to load will cause a majority of visitors to navigate away from the website. From there, they’ll simply continue their search elsewhere, and will be unlikely to ever return again.

You have several seconds at most to be able to capture and engage a visitor to your website, and turn them into a potential customer.

Within those few seconds:

  1. your landing page needs to load, and
  2. your reader needs to see a headline that proves to them they’ve found exactly what they’re looking for.

Our tip to you: focus always on simplifying your headline communication, and making the enquiry process easy.

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